Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Group Show at Augen

This month Augen Gallery hosts a group show of gallery artists. It opens tomorrow and I have two pieces in it. These particular pieces reveal a little of how I arrive at something. I made them at the same time (2011) and out of the same original image in Life Magazine – a big photo of Garbo. For the Target, I used only a slice of her famous and perfect visage. Then of course I had the leftovers and they stayed on my work table. The great thing about the Anonymous Women is that I may need only bits and pieces to suggest what I wish. I can now see how specific my Targets were – they needed to be recognizable, they had to tell certain stories. I liked all of that and am in fact still making them, but the Anonymous Women not only celebrate the woman, they celebrate the cut. Everything is new.

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