Tuesday, April 10, 2012


When I showed the Targets in 2010, people who only knew me through painting wondered how my collages were connected to paint. My usual response was what does painting have to do with rock n roll? Pretty basic but kind of flip.

The fact is I spent a lot of my 20s absorbing the Russian Avant Garde and their relatives. I loved Malevich and El Lizzitsky and still do. It occurred to me today just how much The Judd Montages, my upcoming show at Frosch and Portmann, had all kinds of connections and similarities to what I like to paint and the art history I loved. 

But all of the work, whether it is abstract painting or or photo-based collage, contrasts beauty and substance. My beautiful women are more than just that. And I take 'serious' objects and make them more than that.

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