Saturday, May 12, 2012

OAC and The Ford Family Foundation

Jeff Jahn of PORT recently updated a post about our art scene (via the WSJ), adding that RACC and the Oregon Arts Commission are behind the times as regards funding the relevant. There might have been a time I would agree with him - no doubt much could be said as to how cash is spent in this town. But today his piece inspired me to acknowledge what has been on my site for a few months now - that I was awarded grants from both the OAC and The Ford Family Foundation, all of which completely funded my New York show. While I am not fond of the word submit, this experience just might make me a believer. Thanks to these grants, The Judd Montages were framed - that's a first for me. I was able to go to the exhibition, meet collectors and hang with New York artists. The grants had everything to do with it. When the show comes down, I will take down the announcement. In the meantime, I just want to say thanks. You really made a difference.


Anonymous said...

In terms of individual artists maybe not... but in terms of alternative spaces and their curatorial efforts Im absolutely correct. Apples and oranges... the context for my assesment is key. Right now neither agency even has a mechanism for this important facet.

Eva said...

Hi Jeff, I agree about space funding. In fact my attitude on money here can be downright sour. People can write about how vibrant our scene is but most of us do it with smoke and mirrors. That's not just a recent economic crisis either.....Which is why OAC /The Ford Family Foundation matters so much right now. I just wanted to acknowledge that - and encourage others to tap in.