Saturday, June 2, 2012

Goose Hollow

My next radio show will focus on Exhibition & Release & Reception, a group show curated by Jeanine Jablonski, who directs Fourteen30. More on that show in the next post.

Fourteen30 has a new space. It's in Goose Hollow and is absolutely gorgeous. Just being in that gallery did my soul good.

I used to live in this neighborhood. A million times I have recorded in my diary the sweetness of those times and that place. While I was not there during its heyday of the late 1960s, I could still feel the vibe when I moved there in 1981. ....walking through a tunnel to the other side, to a fantasy of old blooms, old houses and artists working everywhere. The nostalgia of this place I still associate with the early 80s and the dawn of New Romanticism - The Scars, The Undertones, The Passions, Visage.

I lived in an old Victorian owned by Nicholas Hill and his family, who helped found the Storefront Theater. What a basement this house had! - filled with old magazines I gladly hoarded and then cut up; stuffed with a treasure trove of ruffly white blouses, cast-offs from the 60s - meant to be worn in Edwardian style so well promoted by the Mods or bands like The Hollies. Overnight my wardrobe went completely white.

This all sounds like fashion or style but it is really more a state of mind. Most of it was in my head - but I have learned to not dismiss that, nor let anyone else dismiss it. That's where most things are, right? The happiness or the sadness? The concept of success or failure. Without the interior space, there really isn't much of anything.

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