Sunday, July 8, 2012

Bobby Abrahamson, Julia Dolan and Myles Haselhorst on KBOO

At Blue Sky is North Portland Polaroids by Bobby Abrahamson. From the PR:

"Bobby Abrahamson's photographic typology featuring the individuals who call St. Johns home does what any good typology should do: it calls attention to similarity as well as difference, and though favoring neither, it savors the subtleties of idiosyncrasy." --Julia Dolan, Minor White Curator of Photography, Portland Art Museum

After buying a house in North Portland in the spring of 2011, photographer Bobby Abrahamson decided to stay in town for the summer and start shooting "a portrait a day" in his neighborhood of St. Johns. About the same time, he received from a friend a box of the coveted and soon-to-be-extinct Polaroid Type 55 4" X 5" instant positive/negative film. Even though he had not photographed much with a large-format camera before, and certainly not portraits on the street, he embraced the project as a way to meet his new neighbors.
There is also an exhibition of photos from this group, but printed in a larger format - at Ampersand Gallery. Ampersand put out an accompanying book with an essay by Julia Dolan of the Portland Art Museum. Bobby Abrahamson, Julia Dolan and Myles Haselhorst of Ampersand will all be my guests on Art Focus this coming Tuesday, July 10TH. Ought to be a great show.

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