Sunday, July 29, 2012

Jesse Hayward on KBOO

(Please note ~ The audio file was previously messed up! It works now!)

My next Guest on Art Focus will be Jesse Hayward who has a show opening up on Friday at GalleryHomeland. The title of the show is Beating to Windward. He is known for making sculptures which are paintings and vice versa. His statement is below:

The title of this exhibition, Beating To Windward, is a sailing term that describes the act of sailing a boat upwind.  I learned this term as a child who was repeatedly shipped off to sailing camps in the summer. Although my camp routine consisted of nursing orange sodas while sneaking off under the docks, I was nonetheless dutifully trained in the basic tenants of sailing.  One nautical fact alone blew my mind as a child and it still does today. People can sail upwind. Through cleverness, a sailor can move up into the wind blowing back against the sails. As a child I thought, "How on Earth?"  Now I think, "What a Metaphor!" Apparently, when our intellect is properly coupled with craft and technique, we not only protect ourselves against adversity but we may actually harness the inherent power within an obstacle to move ourselves through that obstacle.  It turns out that life's obstacles can be used to fuel our future victories. As for the paintings in this show, they are abstractions based on those long summer days living in ropes and sails, watching the wind and weather.

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