Thursday, July 5, 2012


I came across this NYTimes Op-Ed post via Two Coats of Paint. While never one to keep my phone at the table or the bar, looking for another place to be but where I am, I am nonetheless going through a re-assessment of what busy means. Making work is sometimes not really object-driven, but a way for me to sort through the day or the inner list. Art means a multitude of things at any given time. The recent upheaval reminds me that art is a life and a living, not just a particular activity. But in order for art to succeed, to last, it took over nearly everything. It's became not only my church and my business but also my lover, all sex and Romance, the child who needs another bottle, the first, last and next thing to do. Yet sometimes you have to sit still for art and sometimes for a long time. This kind of duality is a never-ending learning process.

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