Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Babes of India Suite

It's just about time to end this blog and go on to the next thing. For some time I have felt that a change was due, but there's been so many shifts of late in my life, I couldn't change this blog too.

I am moving again - away from the Gorge and back into town. The Gorge just gave me a respite and regroup, a place to make some work - but it was never home.

As I packed and boxed like crazy, an opportunity to collage is a freestyle form came my way. Chris Haberman asked me to participate in The Big 300 this coming December. Here all are ten works to be shown in December.

"Just make sketches," offered Chris, as a way to Keep It Simple. Still I have spent hours; there seems no easy way to even execute a one + one exercise.

They are all based on an old art history text for Indian Art I studied in 1975. It's fun to cut something I have looked at for nearly 40 years. Hopefully I will have ten made and they will be for sale at the show at People's  in December. They really are a suite and I would love it if they all stayed together.

As usual the autobiography looms large. I have written many words here and deleted them all, so I'll just let the images speak.


Elaine Corwin said...

I'll miss your blog. Even though I never commented, I was always interested in your work and thoughts.

agarofano said...

This blog was a beacon for me while living and making work in Oregon. I moved away years ago, but I still check back from time to time to see what you're doing and saying. I hope you don't stop. But if you do, let me take the chance to say thank you for all of the time and energy you invested.