Friday, November 30, 2012

The Diaries 1969 - 2012

The central fact of my life is a diary, not visual art per se. Since 1969 I've kept a paper journal. 154 notebooks so far.

So I was very interested in the online discussion at the Times - Recording our Lives in 2012 ~ Will Diaries be Published in 2050.

A diary is not a memoir. It happens in real time. There's no edit. But of course there is reread and recount and reread and remorse and move on. But there's no true revision.

I'm 56. I think it's time I started to put it online (or publish in some other way), the original diary. Someone today remarked I just love diaries, they are so neat. There's nothing neat or sweet about mine. As with E. B. White, much of my writing was (and is) rubbish. But it is a document of my time, more constant than any other art form.

I'm not sure whether I will transform this URL to the diaries, or created something new. Probably something new. It will be entry by entry and hopefully I can scan all the covers. Wouldn't want to miss all the fashions, band posters and obsessions of the times. It will take years and names will be changed - save maybe those who are dead. Sadly there are quite a few of them.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Brigitte Dortmund on KBOO

Brigitte Dortmund has a show up at Mark Woolley right now. Mark is now at Pioneer Place, forming sort of bridge between the street style of People's Art and the conceptual bent of Place. Dortmund will be my guest on Art Focus this next Tuesday, the 27th.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Carol Benson on KBOO

Carol Benson has a show at Blackfish for the month of November, titled Quadrangles and Other Works. She will be my guest on Art Focus this next Tuesday, the 20th.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Mark R. Smith on KBOO

How much fun it will be to talk to Mark R. Smith on Art Focus this next Tuesday. He is a friend but I am also a big fan. Big big big. 

Currently he is showing Vestibules and Portals, Laminates and Veneers at the Elizabeth Leach Gallery. He must have told me before how he made these works, but I don't recall how the work arrives at such a perfect balance between folksy and slick. Will find out.

Four years ago I interviewed him via You Tube. These works are really different, but the technique is the same. He seems less attached to narrative - although there are exceptions, like our beautiful boys below.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Women at Some Walls

My Anonymous Women are at Some Walls in Oakland. Chris Ashley has written a great introduction and essay, along with posting images. His writing covers so many things so terribly well that I am tempted to cut and paste from it like mad here, but shall refrain. I will note however that I especially enjoyed his definition of photomontage, his referral to anonymous women throughout history, every single thing he said about 1978 and the general juiciness of my play with Judd. Thank you Chris.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hickory Mertsching at Gallery @ the Jupiter

Today I helped install a new show at Gallery @ the Jupiter, right at the Jupiter Hotel. The show is by Hickory Mertsching and it is called Decay, Growth and the Still Life. Truly a delicious show.

The artist combines the common of our time and place with more traditional elements of nature often found in still life: birds with beer cans, squirrels with chainsaws. The work is delicate but not fey and at its best, dense but not fussy. Some of his past works, seen on his site, were more Gothic and dark, whereas this show has simple white backgrounds. He makes his own frames too, which look like part of the painting. Tomorrow night is the reception for the artist.