Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Torso

The Torso No. 1

In my most recent series, I explored the Anonymous Woman via her face. But from the start, her body was in the back of mind, especially what we call “The Torso.”

The Torso is of course a term in art history, referring to a partial body cast, the coveted middle section. Often she has no arms, no head and no legs. 

“The Torso” was also what a lover would call me – meant as a compliment of course. Yet I was aware that just as I had to push for my intellect to be a focus in the relationship, I was also easily regarded as one who had no head, much less a mind, just a glorious set of curves, a vessel with potential point of entry.

This vessel isn't just a set of curves or an art historical term in my own life - it is a complicated relationship with fashion, body politics, what we learn from our mothers and a girl-to-woman passage. It is cultural as well as personal. While I hadn't planned on reviewing celebrity in the collectively owned female form (like I did with the Targets), it actually became a launch pad. That’s all, a launch pad, but I am really excited about what will happen next.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Torso No. 3

A woman in a very structured bra, arching over the water in full moonlight. There is a bit of a personal narrative as most bras feel uncomfortable now, my body rejecting a bit the harnessing it embraced most of its life.

She looks elegant but that's all constructed. None of it is "natural" - that natural girl is buried way deep within and who knows, including herself, just exactly who or what that is. Everything we see, the pose, the bra, the lips, eyes, hair, it's all a fabrication, suspended over a seascape of dreams, mystical props, a mysterious setting. Yet what could she have to do with all that? Nothing? Women built for speed only speed to certain places.

More on The Torso later.