Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Torso

The Torso No. 1

In my most recent series, I explored the Anonymous Woman via her face. But from the start, her body was in the back of mind, especially what we call “The Torso.”

The Torso is of course a term in art history, referring to a partial body cast, the coveted middle section. Often she has no arms, no head and no legs. 

“The Torso” was also what a lover would call me – meant as a compliment of course. Yet I was aware that just as I had to push for my intellect to be a focus in the relationship, I was also easily regarded as one who had no head, much less a mind, just a glorious set of curves, a vessel with potential point of entry.

This vessel isn't just a set of curves or an art historical term in my own life - it is a complicated relationship with fashion, body politics, what we learn from our mothers and a girl-to-woman passage. It is cultural as well as personal. While I hadn't planned on reviewing celebrity in the collectively owned female form (like I did with the Targets), it actually became a launch pad. That’s all, a launch pad, but I am really excited about what will happen next.

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Inez said...

This is gorgeous!