Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Real Diaries

The longer I live and the more I write, I realize that the true product of my existence is the diary. The Real Diary, the one I have written since 1969, now amounting to 155 notebooks. And so I have begun a Tumblr which addresses this fact.

I am not sure how much of all the actual entries I will post. The first five years might not make it as I am such a lousy writer as a teen. But I did draw some fun teenage concerns - clothes, drugs, music and boys - they are described both visually and literally, so I may just scan and upload images.

Something interesting, something heavy is the essential material quality of them all. We can stuff life into something teeny-tiny if we manifest digitally. These notebooks do not operate in that way. They bear the stains of the times.

Today I posted the above image, Diary No. 108, written between August and November in 2001. The smoke was photographed from across a river. I pasted just the edge of the horror.

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