Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christine D'Arcy + the Oregon Arts Commission

I've been following the news of the firing of Christine D'Arcy from the Oregon Arts Commission.

There is an emphasis on the inner workings and mystification of bureaucracies. I know nothing about that and even the reporters seem to find little of conclusive nature.

But I am rather surprised that artists themselves haven't made any public statements one way or another. So I shall: D'Arcy made a huge impact in my life, in my career as an artist. Of course I'll never know if she was actually in the room when the big "YES" was made towards my projects. I can only observe that the OAC gave me support at very critical junctures in my career. They helped my work get to New York and Art Basel. That's a big circle too - not just about us getting to know elsewhere, but about elsewhere getting to know us.

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