Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Richard Speer Review/ Yes, I covered Scars

Richard Speer says too many smart things for me to paraphrase; instead I provide the link and hope you read it all. But I do want to add to the comment about covering scars:

I have covered all kinds of scars. The most intense makeup/client I ever had was when a man brought his wife in for a makeup lesson... she had a huge sweeping port-wine stain on her face. He had never seen her without a ton of makeup. It's not like he was pro-makeup. He left us alone. She was crying as we took it off .... I kept saying "You know, we don't have to do this..." "No," she said," Let's keep at it." And then I showed her products and techniques she was unaware of. It was a healing and empowerment. She in fact became a repeat client, someone who had fun with her face instead of wiping it out.

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