Thursday, August 9, 2007

an eloquent response

(painting by Yvette Franz)

Carolyn Zick, the Seattle artist who created the legendary Dangerous Chunky and so much more, has a new journal. It has a unique emphasis on the domestic, I believe, but is not exempt from piercing indictments and reasonable reflections on the art world. I relished every bit of it. I miss her and if she never writes again like this, I will miss this. Her musing prompted Yvette Franz to share the painting above. Sort of says it all. Sometimes I feel this way too.


carolyn said...

So kind of you to post about my little site. I miss dishing with you.
I keep telling myself,if the groundhog sees his shadow this year I might come out and see what I am missing.
I'm glad you are still going strong. Please tell your husband I have found growing peonies is a bitch! He must have the magic touch.

Anonymous said...

Hi Carolyn, thanks for visiting!!

Here is his advice for peonies...
- location must have plenty of sun.
- somewhat neutral, loam soil with good drainage. Maybe slightly acidic.
Hope this helps!


Carolyn said...
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carolyn said...

(I previously logged in under wrong account)
Well the lack of sun where my peony sits would explain it. Thanks so much for the tips. Tell him thank you.