Sunday, February 1, 2009

the women I cut up

Later this week my show of Targets opens at the Helzer Art Gallery at PCC Rock Creek. The show is curated by Prudence Roberts. On Friday I am giving a lecture and am still preparing for it, so my writing here lately has been lacking. It’s been an interesting time of review on just why I liked the old image and old magazines and why I was using all these women. Over the course of this month, I’d like to share some of those thoughts with you.

Last night I talked with my old friend Terez, someone I’ve known since about ’75, someone who always loved old glamour and film stars - especially Marlene Dietrich. I always loved Dietrich too but am not sure she was the ideal target, while being practically an ideal woman. Talk about style, talk about influence. She was very important.

But during the process of making these targets for the past year, I have learned that some are much more successful than others and that it has to do with a certain vulnerability and a certain Babe-ness. In conversations about the targets, I can see that people immediately have their ideas about who I could use. But it has much more to do with who I run across as opposed to who I look for. It is almost destructive to the process to look for anyone. You just find instead.

Sure, I could google a particular woman, the sky is the limit, and print and cut her up – but it would just never have the authenticity that the found image has. I want to use the original piece of paper that made this woman into the whore, into the object. I don’t want a copy of it – I want the real piece of propaganda which marketed her, a piece of the original campaign. To a degree, the content resides in the actual paper itself - its era, its purpose, its color values, all of it.

- Plus the fact that I could come across her while lying in bed, doing nothing but looking. This was how I started years ago as kid with old magazines. It’s still the best way to do it. You’re still the reader, the voyeur, the girl looking at the Goddess Whore you might become. Or in my case by now, the one I used to be (no regrets!). More on that later.


Sheree Rensel said...

Oh Eva, I totally agree with your "find" philosophy. I used to do a lot of found sculpture. I can remember walking with my daughter picking up junk off the street. One time, I hauled an entire cupola from someone's roof back to my studio. The sculpture I made from it was grand. I even enjoyed it when my daughter would be at a gallery opening and she would act as art tour guide. She would tell visitors "We got that part in front of Big Boy's and that other part was on the street in front of the Art InstiTOOT! LOL

Now, I can afford to buy brand new metal, wood pieces, and stuff. It isn't the same at all.
I understand what you mean when you say you love the hunt.
Oh and P.S. You wrote:
"the girl looking at the Goddess Whore you might become. Or in my case by now, the one I used to be (no regrets!)"

I HEAR YOU! Ditto! No regrets here either! LOL

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your visits, Sheree. I am aware that my most constant commenters are not from my town at all. There's Florida and California!

CAP said...

Especially like Targets 12 and 19 with the watery backgrounds.

Anonymous said...

Thanks CAP.
The Marilyn is from Something's Got to Give, her last (unfinished) film. And Prudence Roberts used the Natalie Wood image here for the show.